Kyle Singler Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2013)

I can’t believe what just happened! I guess I’d better tell you the story. Better get out your tissues.

So I’m with my girl on a romantic date at the local Applebee’s. She’s gossiping about some girl crap I don’t even know, and, you know, I’m not really paying attention. So I take out my phone and kind of look at it under the table while nodding and saying “uh-huh.” And I see the box-score for this game, and there’s Kyle Singler with his twenty points. “Holy balls.” I pretty much shouted it.

She stops in the middle of whatever the heck she was saying, looks at me, and is like “What?”. I look down at her plate, she still has a ton of food left. I finished my chicken strips like 15 minutes prior. So i say “Hey babe can we maybe hurry this up I’ve got Kyle Singler highlights to make, he just got a career high,” which is totally reasonable, right? It’s a career high, after all.

But she gets all upset and starts talking about how “you only care about YouTube hits and subscriber counts” and how I don’t spend enough time with her. Which is total crap because, I mean, I was on the date with her, right? So she stands up and basically says we’re finished and just leaves straight up. Must have called a friend to pick her up or something. She didn’t even leave any money so I had to pay for the whole meal. I tried calling her after I got back to my place but all she said was “never talk to me again loser.”

So you guys better appreciate these highlights.

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