Rudy Gay 20 Points (Raptors Debut) Full Highlights (2/1/2013)

Rudy “Not This Guy” Gay has been having a pretty crappy season so far. That, combined with his ludicrous contract, would seem to make him an undesirable player to acquire. Tell that to Bryan Colangelo, who happily sent out Jose Calderon and Ed Davis for him. So by next year two-thirds of their cap will be Bargnani, DeRozan, and Gay. That’s a pretty good core. Championship contender for sure.

But you’re not here to hear me tell you how bad of a front office the Raptors have. You’re here to witness Rudy Gay exert his style all over the hapless Clippers. He had some nice dunks, although the commentator saying “They haven’t had this since Vince Carter” is patently false. Despite their myriad shortcomings, the Raptors are not lacking for high-flying slammers. But they were lacking a go-to guy in the clutch, and now they have one. Although it might not help much when the refs are actively biased against them. Sorry Raptors fans. David Stern hates you.

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