John Wall 21 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (2/2/2013)

Quick quiz: out of the top six picks in the 2010 draft, which one is NOT a bust?

a) John Wall
b) Evan Turner
c) Derrick Favors
d) Wesley Johnson
e) DeMarcus Cousins
f) Ekpe Udoh
g) None of the above – they are all huge busts

If you answered (g), I don’t blame you. That is a pretty bustastic list of players right there. But the correct answer was (e), DeMarcus Cousins. Everybody else on that list is a bust, putting on display the mind-melting incompetence of the scouts who are paid big bucks by franchises across the league. I could have told you that Udoh was a bust when he was in diapers (and I was in elementary school).

Another question: which ranking of bustitude (from biggest bust to least bust) is most accurate?

a) Udoh, Favors, Johnson, Wall, Turner
b) Johnson, Udoh, Turner, Favors, Wall
c) Turner, Wall, Johnson, Favors, Udoh
d) I don’t see Cole Aldrich in any of these answers, but he is the biggest bust of all, and what about Al-Farouq Aminu? He’s a bust too! And don’t forget Xavier Henry!

(b) is the right one here. Wes Johnson is to basketball what Jamarcus Russell is to football (except Wes Johnson doesn’t partake of the drank). But what does this have to do with Wall? Not much. I’m just illustrating that, while Wall has been disappointing so far in his NBA career, he is not the biggest bust of his draft class. But 38-of-168 on threes in his career…wait…hold on a sec…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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