Chris Bosh 28 Points Full Highlights (2/3/2013)

Chris Bosh is a pretty weird dude.

So I’m coming back from the store, I just needed to pick up milk and some Totino’s pizza rolls (damn those things are good). I’m walking back down to my place and I see Chris Bosh just standing there on the other side of the street. He has a white poodle with him. He’s staring at nothing, not moving at all, so I figure he must be getting in the zone for the next game.

I keep walking; seeing an NBA player isn’t that big of deal. I continue maybe 2 blocks, and I see him, again on the opposite sidewalk. He’s staring straight at me. I notice something weird. Instead of having his poodle with him, he has a gallon of milk.

I look down into my bag. Two little confused eyes stare back at me. It’s a poodle! I look back up at Bosh. He hasn’t moved, but his eyes are changing. His pupils seemed to be expanding, replacing the whites with an inky blackness. The air around him starts to shift, and become discolored. His mouth yawns wide, as if to scream, but no sound comes out.

I drop the bag and run. Behind me I can faintly hear a dog’s yipping. I run as hard as I can back home, not daring to look back and see if he’s following.

It’s been a week since that incident. Nothing strange has happened since, although I have constant nightmares involving giant black orifices and little white poodles. Chris Bosh is a pretty weird dude.

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