Jose Calderon 15 Points/3 Assists Pistons Debut Full Highlights (2/4/2013)

Jose Calderon is a divisive player. Is he good or not? Raptors fans couldn’t decide. A good portion think that he pounds the ball too much, is too slow to set up an offense, and his assists are often the result of rushed attempt near the end of the shot clock. Another portion think that he’s a good playmaker who does the best he can with a substandard supporting cast, and who’s shooting prowess opens things up for others. Both factions agree that he is Spanish and that he can’t play a lick of defense.

I don’t hold an opinion (well I do but I won’t share it, I’m supposed to be neutral I think). It’s up to you to decide. I want to see a good old-fashioned flame war in the comments. Don’t disappoint.

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