Danny Green Career High 28 Points/8 Threes Full Highlights (2/6/2013)

Would Danny Green look as good as he does on the Spurs with any other team. Probably not. The Spurs have a way of making role-players look like, um, not role-players. Like Danny Green. He really can’t do much besides get to open spots and shoot threes. But the Spurs don’t need him to do any more than that, and their incredible ball movement means he gets lots of nice looks. He’s like Matt Bonner, except he can dribble a bit and make layups and stuff. And dunk.

Don’t think I’m dissing Danny here. Plenty of players only succeed because of the system they’re in. 8 threes in a single game is really nice. If you had a team composed of Danny Greens you would break the three point record repeatedly.

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