Harrison Barnes 19 Points Full Highlights (2/6/2013)

So, Harrison Barnes scored 19 points on 7-of-9 shooting. That’s good. He also made three out of four attempts from the Goodwill stripe. That’s good. The bad: his statline was otherwise completely empty – except for a lone steal which came with less than second left in the first half. No rebounds. No assists. No blocks. No turnovers or fouls.

Thanks to the terrible power of Basketball-Reference, I found out who scored the most points without an assist or a rebound. Allan Houston scored 37 points in 2000, and his non-scoring stats were four turnovers and five personal fouls; he had zero blocks and zero steals. So, while Barnes contributed little but scoring in this game, at least he didn’t foul every moving object within arm’s reach.

For utterly empty statlines, the crown belongs to Michael “King of Chuckers” Redd, who scored 29, but didn’t do anything else. Not even one steal. I’m guessing he didn’t have any dunks either, because he couldn’t really dunk. So even if dunks were a separate stat (they should be, serious), he would still have zeroes across the board, whereas Harrison Barnes would have a big fat “1” in that category. Because if you haven’t watched the video yet (you should!), the first thing in said video is Harrison Barnes dunking the basketball. I never get tired of watching people do that.

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