Daequan Cook 19 Points (and a dunk) Full Highlights (2/7/2013)

Okay, this is weird. Coach Thibodeau is well-known for not utilizing his bench players effectively, and Daequan Cook is one of the victims of Thiobdeau’s schemes. But in this blowout loss against the Nuggets, Rip Hamilton only played 17 minutes, and with Marco Belinelli not playing, Mr. Third-Stringer actually got to play meaningful minutes for a change. He responded by chucking the ball relentlessly, going four-of-twelve from the deep zone and six-of-sixteen from the field as a whole. One possession featured Cook take a heavily contested three, brick it bad off the front rim, pick up his own rebound behind the three point line, and immediately throw it back towards the hoop, where it went in. I guess when you’ve won a three-point contest and you’re the only shooting guard on the team, you get to pull that kind of crap without being benched.

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