Charlie Villanueva 21 Points/2 Blocks (2/8/2013)

Remember when Charlie Villanueva went crazy and chased Ryan Hollins all through the hallways of the Palace? I don’t even remember what Hollins did. Probably called him a cancer patient or something. Anyway, if my recollection is correct, Villanueva eventually cornered Hollins in the visitor’s locker room and slapped him in the nads, all while underpowered Detroit police beat him (Villanueva) futilely with billy clubs. Then he went on Twitter and tweeted Kevin Garnett “Your doom is imminent. We’ll see who’s the cancer then.”

Last night, Villanueva channeled all that destructive energy into positive force, hitting 5-of-9 triples and not even punching anybody. If I were him I would probably punch Tiago Splitter in the mouth just to see if it would make a cosmetic improvement.

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