Jonas Valanciunas 14 Points/13 Rebounds Full Highlights (2/8/2013)

I like Jonas Valanciunas. I think it’s because he can make free throws. There is no excuse for an NBA player not to be able to shoot them, but bigmen especially often have a bad time with them. So it’s nice to see an otherwise raw center come into the league with NBA-caliber abilities at the line.

He also can dunk the ball. I never get tired of watching people dunk. Rebounding is cool too, I guess, but no one ever made a compilation of Jordan’s best rebounds.

So with Jonas back and newly acquired Rudy Gay looking to make a splash, not to mention premiere scorer Demar DeRozan, maybe the Raptors are going to start being a good team again? I doubt it. They still have Bargnani, and you can’t win with that bum on your team. It’s just not possible.

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