Derek Fisher 13 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2013)

I thought Derek Fisher retired? He started off the season with the Mavericks and then retired. That’s what happened. Right? I’m just saying that because he definitely just played a game with the Thunder. After his retirement. Is there a new definition of retired that I don’t know about?

Or maybe it’s like the first time he retired, crying to the Jazz about his sick daughter, saying he needed to spend more time with her in a city with better doctors. An admirable thing, to be sure. Abandoning tons of money to care for a sick child. Totally cool. Except when he turned around and signed with the Lakers after being released.

Now he does the same thing, except replace Jazz with Mavericks and Lakers with Thunder. Is this guy a ring chaser or what? 5 ain’t enough, Derek?

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