Michael Beasley 24 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2013)

The Phoenix Suns are in a bad place right now. A place with no light, only the gnawing sounds of tortured souls and the eyeless face of a vengeful god. A place where hope is a lost concept, and despair permeates the air. A place of unscalable walls and byzantine corridors. A place where they have to start the Morris twins as well as Wesley Johnson.

As I said, it’s a bad place.

This place is also where all of Michael Beasley’s bricks are. In fact it’s built out of them. You can’t see it, as there’s no illumination at all, but written on each one is the date, time, and location of the shot that was missed.

Luckily this dark fortress only got a little bigger tonight, as Beasley actually had a good-ish game. 10 of 21 is good, right? At least with Beasley I think it’s about the best you can hope for. Or not, since hope as a concept does not exist in Beasley’s eternally benighted brick fortress.

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