DeMarcus Cousins 24 Points/1 Ejection Full Highlights (3/10/2013)

DeMarcus Cousins is well known for his proclivity in collecting techs. He’s a good enough player, I guess, but at this rate, when he retires, all people will remember is how much of a hothead he was. It’s the defining characteristic of his game.

So against the Bucks he was having a dynamite game, 24 points on 10 of 12 shooting, one man wrecking crew, and he decides to start yapping at Mike Dunleavy. Okay, fine, double technical, here we go. If you’re Cousins, what do you do next?

A. Remain calm and play ball like a normal person
B. Channel your frustrations into domination on the court
C. Run into the stands and start throwing haymakers
D. Crush Dunleavy’s skull with your elbow and look incredulous when ejected

A or B would have been totally acceptable. We should be lucky that he hasn’t done C yet. D was the course of action he took. The Kings should’ve traded his worthless butt at the deadline, while he still has value. There are still teams who’ll take a chance on him. He has tons of talent. Too bad he’s a headcase.

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