Jimmer Fredette 14 Points Full Highlights (3/10/2013)

Every Jimmer video I make gets tons of comments with people arguing about his bust status, the amount of minutes he gets, his stats, and anything else. So, viewer, if you would be so kind as to leave a comment stating one of these things, we can get a good old-fashioned internet argument going:

-Jimmer is a bust
-Jimmer is not a bust
-It is too early to determine whether Jimmer is a bust/Jimmer is of indeterminate bust status
-Coach Smart is a moron for not playing him more minutes
-Coach Smart is a genius for not playing him more minutes
-Coach Smart sucks for many reasons, but Jimmer’s minutes is not one of those reasons
-Jimmer would thrive in a different system
-Jimmer would be useless in any system
-Mormonism is a cult and Jimmer is a cultist
-Mormonism is just as valid as any other religion
-Mormonism is just as invalid as any other religion
-Jimmer would be a good spot-up shooter for a contender
-Jimmer would be a good towel-waver for a contender
-I hate Jimmer and everybody should get off his nuts
-Jimmer is awesome and haters gonna hate

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