Donatas Motiejunas Career High 19 Points Full Highlights (3/13/2013)

There are a lot of corny catchphrases that basketball commentators use. “Mouse in the House”. “Onions, baby onions”. “If you don’t like that you don’t like NBA basketball”. Most of the time these phrases are just annoying. Especially if they’re repeated more than once a game.

So it is with that said, that I nominate “D-Mo for three-mo” as the worst yet. I mean, what the hell? “D-Mo for three-mo”. Just say it. It sounds perverse. I know what a D-Mo is. What is a three-mo? A three pointer? Well, obviously because the dude says it twice, both times after Donatas made a three. That doesn’t mean it isn’t horrible.

“D-mo for three-mo”. God Damn.

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