George Hill 27 Points Full Highlights (3/15/2013)

“Psst. Psst! George! Come over here, we need to talk!”

“Hibs, man, what are you doing in a storage closet?”

“This is top secret stuff, dude. Now get ova’ here.”

“Okay, Roy, what is it?”

“Listen, George, I’ve been thinkin’… I want to take a three this game.”

“You can’t shoot threes, I’ve seen you in practice and if you want my opinion your range ends at like 15 feet. And Coach Vogel would kill you if you tried it. It ain’t happenin’.

“Yeah, well, that’s why I’m talking to you, isn’t it? I want you to mess around with the shot clock, mess up whatever play we’re running, and I’ll be hanging out in the corner trying to set a screen or something, and you dish it to me and I let it fly. What do you say? Come on, man. It’ll be fun!”

“Alright fine, whatever. Just let me outta here, your breath is awful. Take a mint or something, jeez.”

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