Martell Webster Career High 34 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/16/2013)

Do you know those arbitrary records that sports broadcasters like to pull out from time to time to illustrate how good a player is doing?

I hate those.

I’m bringing it up because the Wizards’ commentators wouldn’t shut up about Martell’s chance at glory. He now holds the Wizards record for most consecutive games with at least 4 threes made. 5 games in a row. Isn’t that amazing? Someone better make sure the people at Guinness know about this momentous achievement.

God damn.

That BS record shouldn’t take away from the fact that Webster had a career performance, with 34 points with 7 threes. He also hit 4 technical free-throws. 4! I bet that’s a record as well. And he’s also the first Wizard this season to get 30 points. Records ahoy! Might as well replace the entire Guinness book with the name “Martell Webster” repeated over and over.

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