Nate Robinson 34 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (3/18/2013)

Nate Robinson is a nice reminder that us normal sized people can have a shot in the NBA. Until you remember that he is an elite physical specimen, probably capable of playing in any sport that he wanted to.

He does demonstrate a bit of “little-man” syndrome on the court, as you would expect. He’s very pesky, and he starts yapping and strutting whenever he hits a three. Which happens a lot, because he’s also kind of a chucker.

But the Bulls really need someone who can put the orange in the bucket, and Robinson is good at it. I think without him the offense would be really bad, instead of just somewhat bad. And once Derrick Rose comes back we can all forget about him again. Like when he was playing with the Thunder. Does anyone even remember that?

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