Trevor Ariza 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/22/2013)

Having courtside seats at last night’s Wizards-Lakers game, I was able to hear some of the banter that Trevor Ariza was flinging Kobe’s way.

“Next time up the court, I’m going to stand in the corner and shoot a three. I’m telling you this because I know you won’t be able to stop me.”

“NEWS FLASH!!!!! Trevor Ariza makes Kobe his bitch! More at 11.”

“Don’t cry Kobe! You can make the playoffs next year.”

“What happened to that seventeen point lead? Oh yeah, me.”

Kobe had no rebuttals because he was too busy crying to his mama. Meanwhile, NBA fans everywhere revel in the demise of the Lakers. I expect some more “Pau Gasol discontentment” headlines to pop up soon.

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