Lavoy Allen Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (3/24/2013)

The 76ers have had a very disappointing season. Granted, when you replace Andrew Bynum with a motley crew of Spencer Hawes (soft), Lavoy Allen (fat), and Arnett Moultrie (just straight up not any good), you expect a dip in wins. But I don’t know if Bynum’s mangled knees are entirely to blame. They’re just so bad this year.

Lavoy Allen has tried his hardest to match Bynum’s theoretical production, and I guess he succeeded this time. 20 points is a lot for someone without many offensive skills. His jumper was wet. His rebounding was timely. He even threw in a baby hook as a bonus. If you combine this and his 22 rebound game you’d have a great performance.

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