Marquis Daniels 16 Points Full Highlights (3/28/2013)

Marquis Daniels has been pretty bad this year for the Bucks. He’s supposed to be a good defender, because every horrible offensive player has to be a good defender, right? And I guess he’s okay at it. But his offensive ineptitude is offensive (haha).

But you can’t really blame him for sucking, since he’s the closest the NBA has had to a death on the court (other than Brandon Knight, R.I.P). The fact that he can still play is really nice. It’s just Bucks fans wish they had someone good like Tobias Harris instead of Marquis. I wonder if there was any way they could have had him? Probably not.

He has had a few good games, including this one, which features a double-put-back slam by him and Larry Sanders. He also played pretty good defense on Kobe, who single-handedly lost the game for the Lakers with his chucking.

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