Mo Williams 28 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (3/29/2013)

I have compiled a list of the worst all-stars in the last decade. Given the content of this video, it should be no surprise who appears at the top of the list.

1. Jamaal Magloire
2. Brad Miller
3. Mo Williams
4. Antoine Walker
5. Chris Kaman
6. Roy Hibbert
7. Devin Harris
8. Josh Howard

Okay, so I couldn’t conscionably put Mo Williams at the top of that list. I mean, Jamaal Magloire. Come on. Did monkeys poop in the vote tallying machine? But it is agreed that the concept of Mo Williams ever being an all star is pretty funny, and it only happened because he was playing alongside LeBron James.

But after you watch this video, you will no longer find it funny. In fact, Mo Williams’ all-starriness will seem totally believable. Because for one half of play versus the Portland Trail Blazers, Williams was the best point guard in the NBA. Lillard couldn’t contain him at all. The despondent Jazz commentators suddenly came to life as Williams sliced apart the defense like a sword cleaving an enemy on the battlefield. And he couldn’t miss. His stellar play (get it, ’cause he’s an all-STAR? STELLAR??? HAHAHAHA) gives Jazz fans at least one reason to not hang themselves.

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