John Jenkins Career High 23 Points Full Highlights (4/6/2013)

John Jenkins sat hunched over a darkened table, illuminated only in candlelight.

“The Hermit – Upright. Prudence.”

“The Moon – Reversed. Deception.”

“What does this mean?”

Suddenly a tall figure barged into the room.

“Hey John what’s shakin’, I was just wondering if you were ready for…”

The hunched figure quickly concealed the tarot cards on the table.

“Hey, you ain’t doin’ that tarot crap again, are you? You know that’s just a bunch of loony nonsense. Ain’t nobody who ever had their life spelled out in playing cards.”

“Don’t be so quick to judge, Johan, messages are hidden everywhere for those whose eyes are opened. I will not hide from the truth!”

“Yeah, we’ll you’ve been hiding from the rest of us pretty good. Now hurry up and get to the tunnel, the game’s about to start and you know you’re gonna play good minutes tonight.”

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