AJ Price 23 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (4/10/2013)

AJ Price of the Wizards just scored 23 points. That’s pretty cool. A season-high, in fact. But hold your applause! In the 32 minutes that AJ Price played, he failed to get a single assist, even though he’s a point guard. This puts him in some elite company in terms of point-guard ball-hogging this year:

Damian Lillard – 39 minutes, 0 assists. Brandon Knight – 37 points, 0 assists. Kyrie Irving – 34 minutes, 0 assists. AJ Price – 32 minutes, 0 assists.

It’s not AJ’s fault. He was playing with John Wall for much of the game. John Wall is way better than him, so John Wall gets to decide who gets the ball and who doesn’t. AJ’s job was to shoot and score – a job he performed with dignity and skill befitting a Wizard. Still, my money is on him being in Europe in three years. I suggest you put your money there as well.

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