David West 26 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2013)

David West is a nice player. He plays pretty good defense, though he likes to play the “tough guy” role a little too vigorously. He has a smooth jumper and some good post moves. One thing he doesn’t have, however, is fans.

I’m a fan of his, so when I heard that David West would be making an appearance at an Indianapolis conference center/arena thingie I quickly booked a plane ticket there. I was so excited to finally meet Mr. West in person.

When I got to the center, things seemed a little off. Where was everybody? Did I show up on the wrong day? But there were signs everywhere announcing the event, and I did indeed have the day and time correct. I took a glimpse into the main room. A featureless expanse of concrete greeted me. Off in the corner I could see a lavishly decorated table with balloons cocooning it. There he was!

I walked over to have my poster of him signed. Nervously, I said “Heh, looks like I’m a little early” as I handed over the poster. He replied “What do you mean, all my fans are here already, can’t you see them? The people of the great city of Indianapolis certainly do love me very much. Now move along, you’re holding up the line.” He handed me my poster back, signed with a scribble and the number 21.

I started to walk away, and then looked back. He was happily pantomiming signing something, while saying “What’s your name little boy? Timmy? That’s a great name.” I left.

All in all, a pretty disappointing experience.

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