Mirza Teletovic Career High 14 Points Full Highlights (4/15/2013)

“Cryostation 3. This is Shengelia at cryostation 2.Come in cryostation 3.”

“This is Teletovic at cryostation 3. What seems to be the problem?”

“We’ve had an accident with one of the cryo-chambers. I say accident, but the evidence indicates malicious intent.”

“Well, what went wrong?”

“One of the cryo-chambers was found broken and leaking. It appeared as though someone had broken through the glass and pulled all the patients out.”

“But there’s no way anyone could have gotten in to the holding areas. The security is too advanced for even the most prepared criminal. And you’re the only one station at your cryostation tonight?”

“Yes, which makes it all the more disturbing. I hardly dare to suggest it, but I feel the only sensible explanation is that it was broken from inside.”

“You mean to say, that the patients woke up and somehow escaped their cryo-chamber? That’s nonsense. The hibernation state for patients is irreversible except for our specialized equipment. Are you sure an awakening wasn’t mistakenly authorized?”

“Yes, I’ve checked the logs, everything seems clear on that front. I’m very concerned, Mirza. I’ve got no idea where the patients are now, I’ve checked most of this facility on foot, but the security cameras seem to be undergoing temporary maintenance. Wait, what’s that? Who’s there? I’m armed! AAAUURRRGGGGHH!”

“Shengelia? SHENGELIA?”

“Hello Mirza. This is patient JV24. You may remember me by my old human name, Jan Vesely. However, I am human no more. Old debts must be paid, my friend. Any attempts to escape are futile. I have activated your stations security system. All potential exits are locked. You have nothing to do but wait for your demise.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“That foul call was bullcrap.”

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