James White Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (4/17/2013)

James White is supposedly a great dunker. But what use is being able to pull off amazing dunks if you’re not actually good enough at actual basketball to be able to execute them? The best dunkers are the ones who can consistently do great jams in game situations, and not just on fast breaks.

I shouldn’t be too hard on Mr. White; he’s kind of old now and he can still shoot a bit as well as throw down when he gets the chance. And since this was the last regular season game for the Knicks, he got tons of minutes to show his stuff (there wasn’t much to show, but hey, at least he had a nice jam). White probably won’t play in the playoffs, so this is my last chance to use this joke. Here it goes:

Think how good he would be if he were named James Black instead! HAHAHAHAHA! WOOOOOOO!

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