Tony Allen 16 Points Full Highlights (4/22/2013)

Tony Allen is known as a defensive specialist. He’s also known for showing off after the play was over with the Celtics, taking himself out of the playoffs with an MCL and ACL combo-injury sustained while dunking. An unfortunate event. Could have happened to anybody. But it happened to Allen, and now his knee is a loosely-held-together collection of ligament bits and string.

His problematic knee didn’t stop him from throwing down a sick alley-oop right on Turiaf’s noggin, or playing his usual style of suffocating defense. But it did seemingly prevent him from making free throws, of which he missed four. He just straight up left 4 points on the court. In the playoffs. Here’s a hint, Tony: your team would have won if not for your comical ineptitude at the charity stripe. Loser.

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