Harrison Barnes 24 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (4/23/2013)

If you’re Mark Jackson, and your starting power forward (David Lee) goes down with a gruesome and unwatchable injury, who do you pick to start at the PF spot? Remember, this is a graded quiz, so you guys had better try on this one. Parent-teacher conferences are coming up and I don’t want to have to tell your mom that you’re going to get held back – again.

A. Festus Ezeli
B. Andrew Bogut (with Ezeli at Center)
C. Harrison Barnes
D. Carl Landry
E. Andris Biedrins, because we could all use some humor in our lives
F. Dwayne…Jones? Who?

The correct answer is D, Carl Landry. He is a starting-caliber veteran power forward who will finally get his chance to shine with starter’s minutes. He’s better than most team’s starters, and he matches up well with the Nugget’s power forward rotation, who aren’t exactly floor-spacers. He has high efficiency on respectable volume, rebounds well, and even shoots free-throws.

Wait – you’re telling me that Harrison Barnes started at PF? I must not have been paying any attention when I was making these highlights. I just assumed that Landry was on the court somewhere and Barnes was playing in his usual small-forward role.

Huh. Well, it seems to have worked out. Four dunks is exactly four dunks more than I’ve ever dunked. But if the Warriors lose this series, you all know the reason.

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