DeJuan Blair 13 Points Full Highlights (4/26/2013)

Check out the horrible non-assist at 0:29. And then check out the one right after that. I’m livid right now. I can barely type out this description filled as my eyes are with searing red hate. DeJuan Blair’s trade value has been artificially increased due to these blatant book-cookings. A rival GM will look at his playoff stats and think “Wow not only can Blair score, but he’s also pretty much a point-center. I must acquire him.”

That would be a big mistake, as Spurs fans will tell you, because Blair is a 6-foot-7 center who doesn’t seem to have the ability to dunk. But he does seem to put up pretty good per-36 stats, so maybe he’s just misunderstood. The Spurs should move him in the offseason to a team that needs a fat midget for a center. Maybe Charlotte?

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