Harrison Barnes 23 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (4/30/2013)

Is there a more presidential name in the NBA than Harrison Barnes? I don’t think so. I’d definitely vote for him. I wouldn’t even think about it. Just seeing his name on the ballot, I’d be like “Wow look at that name. Harrison Barnes. I trust him already. He is the man to lead this country into a glorious future with hoverboards.” He has to parlay that innate nominal appeal to gain power in the US government.

So when Barnes decides to step off the hardwood and try out politics, he’ll be in luck, because not only does DownToBuck make NBA highlights, DownToBuck also is experienced in political campaign management as well as brand creation and maintenance. I’ve already got a good idea for a slogan:

Harrison Barnes: The Name of America’s Future

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