Reggie Jackson 20 Points Full Highlights (5/1/2013)

Reggie “Westbrook 2.0” Jackson is catching a lot of people by surprise. After Russell Westbrook was brutally murdered on the court by a hatchet-wielding Patrick Beverley, nobody really knew who was going to step up to fill the shot-chucking void. But I’m guessing that nobody thought it would be Reggie Jackson.

That is, nobody except DownToBuck.

That’s right. I actually placed a bet at the beginning of the season on my bro Reggie. If he averages 12 points per game in the playoffs…well, let’s just put it this way, I won’t need to make highlight vids anymore. I will be sipping fancy cocktails on a white-sand beach somewhere while my frighteningly pale skin gets roasted in the sun and turned to a bright, flaky pink. There will also be unlimited free pizza, but only for me, not for anybody else, and if it gets cold and I don’t want it, my butler will just throw it in the ocean for turtles to eat.

So, Reggie, you’d better keep this up. DownToBuck is tired of this peasant’s life.

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