D.J. Augustin 16 Points Full Highlights (5/5/2013)

It’s really weird to think of DJ Augustin as having been a starting point guard. Granted, it was with the Bobcats, but his play with the Pacers hasn’t indicated that he can be any good at all. I know that a lot of Pacers fans (like all 10 of them, oh, burn) were calling for him to be sent down to the D-League. They obviously weren’t thinking ahead far enough, because then the backup PG would have been Ben Hansbrough. And that guy sucks.

But now DJ is approaching folk-hero status after his 16 points in 13 minutes against the New York IsoCarmeloChuckers. If he keeps it up people might start talking about Indiana having a “bench mob” instead of a “bench collection of corpses”.

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