Manu Ginobili 21 Points Full Highlights (5/12/2013)

Longtime readers of my descriptions may notice that I am preoccupied with the concept of race. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Race doesn’t exist. It is simply the nature of our feeble primate brains to compartmentalize other humans based on criteria such as their skin tone and facial proportions. We must transcend the limitations of our infantile, cro-magnon minds if we are to truly achieve the full potential of humankind, and the first step is to eliminate the concept of “race” from our thinking patterns.

That said, is Manu Ginobili white? Or is he some kind of Latino? He’s definitely not black or Mexican, but he’s from a Latin country. I asked one of my Argentine friends if Argentines are white, and he got really defensive for some reason. So he thinks that Ginobili is white. But Carlos Delfino is from Argentina as well, and he looks Hispanic. And nobody in their right mind would call Walter Herrmann white, would they?

Hold on. Walter Herrmann was that Fabio-lookin’ dude who played for the Bobcats. Yeah, he was white. Forget him.

Manu’s just so pale. Maybe he’s just a really pale Hispanic. In DownToBuck’s world, “white” is synonymous with “Europe, North America, or Australia”. South Americans don’t qualify. Unless they’re Walter Herrmann, but we already established that he doesn’t count.

I am so confused. Doubtless, you are confused as well. Ease the confusion by watching Manu Ginobili, a being of indeterminate race, as he scores 21 points. Then, after the video ends, imagine additional highlights which show Ginobili totally choking in crunch time, because that’s what he did.

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