Rip Hamilton 15 Points Full Highlights (5/16/2013)

Rip “Van Winkle” Hamilton is getting kind of old. I’m pretty sure he’s played his last game as a Bull. But is this the last game of a great career? I wouldn’t be surprised. But it’s hard to tell if he’s really and truly washed up or if it’s just injuries and Thibodeau’s lunacy.

He did have kind of a good game, which was a rare sight for him this year. 15 points is a lot for a wandering, decrepit corpse. If I were him I’d retire on top. Then people would look back and say “Hey look at his last game 15 points! I bet he could have kept playing for a few more years!”. And then he could toy with unretiring a bunch of times like Rasheed Wallace.

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