Tiago Splitter 14 Points Full Highlights (5/17/2013)

“Hello, welcome to Tiago’s Banana Splitters, what can I get for you today?”

“I’d like one standard splitter please, with double banana.”

“Coming right up.”

A tall, stubbled figure shambled through the door of the small, shoddily decorated restaurant.

“I’ll have 50 of those famous Tiago’s banana splitters, and hurry up I’m in a rush!”

“Tiago, have you been drinking again? You’re going to have to leave, you’re upsetting the customers.”

“You can’t kick me out! I own this place! I’ve put us on Brazil’s culinary map! The people love me! HELLO FRIENDS!”

Several more employees hustled out of the back room and tried to calm down the inebriated Tiago Splitter.

“Kiko, is that you? Don’t you remember your good friend Tiago? It’s been a long time my friend, what say you and I go out for some drinks, just like old times? Kiko? Don’t you remember me? You guys wanna hear a story? Let me tell you about how I won the 2013 NBA championship…”

Tiago had passed out. The employees quickly shuttled him out the door and back behind the restaurant so he could sleep it off.

“What’s happened to him?” asked one of the employees.

“He took it really hard when his friend and business partner Diego bought out his side of the business, betraying all they had worked together for and leaving him penniless. The real injustice is that they kept the name of this place the same. Tiago doesn’t have anything to live for anymore, his entire basketball fortune squandered on booze and hookers.”

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