Mario Chalmers 20 Points Full Highlights (6/18/2013)

“Daddy, how come we don’t have running water?”

“I’ve told you a million times, Mario, the Alaskan government doesn’t have the resources to adequately provide for the people who reside in its frozen wastelands. You want a hot shower, you take the 10 day sled ride into town like everybody else.”

“But dad, there’s…”

“Enough. Now go outside and practice basketball. It is our ticket out of here.”

“Dad, it’s like 20 below right now! And can’t we please get a real basketball? I’m tired of using this frozen seal head as a ball and a cardboard box for the hoop. And I don’t really think the free throw line is supposed to be 50 feet away as you claim. I don’t know how I’m supposed to make it to the NBA with sub-par equipment and wonky court dimensions.”

“I said enough. Do you ever stop whining? When I was your age I was the star player on my school’s team, and we didn’t even have a court to play on. We just used our imaginations. What I’m trying to say is, adversity is good for you. When you make it to the NBA, you will remember these hard times and use them as fuel while you win multiple championships.”

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