Lance Stephenson 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (10/29/2013)

A new NBA season. The landscape of the league has shifted so. Stars and scrubs alike shuffle themselves into new, heretofore unseen arrangements. The annual influx of starry-eyed and stone-handed rookies who yearn to prove. Yet as much as some things have changed, others stay the same.

Like the Pacers. You know, that cool upstart team who took the Heat to seven games in the playoffs last year? Yeah. They’re pretty much the same. Except they added Luis Scola.

Why mess with success?

Anyway, like the Pacers, Lance Stephenson hasn’t changed a bit, as far as I can tell. The Indiana announcers will have you believe that he added a floater to his game; this is a lie. The floater is not the kind of thing you “add”. It’s the kind of shot that you take because it’s there and you’re lazy and don’t feel like waiting for your team to manufacture a better one.

In reality, he did the same thing this game that he’s done in the past: score some buckets, make some passes, and do some dribble moves that don’t accomplish anything.

And that’s a good thing. I don’t want to hear that so-and-so has added a post game or previously-only-a-chucker is now focusing on defense. Sometimes I just want things to stay the same.

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