Josh Smith Pistons Debut 19 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (10/30/2013)

The Pistons are one of the more intriguing teams this year. Eager to bring back the championship days of old, they brought in Josh Smith(???) and Brandon Jennings(???????). Talk to fans of either the Hawks or the Bucks and they will say that their respective player, while putting up gaudy numbers, didn’t really help their team win. But if you combine them I guess they’ll be good? I’m not sure if I really agree with the Piston’s direction here.

So the Pistons are setting themselves up for disappointment, but at least for now the Josh Smith experiment has been a rousing success. Except for the 7 threes he took. Who the hell told him he could do that? Probably no one. Josh Smith doesn’t care. He’s his own man.

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