Miles Plumlee Career High 18 Points/15 Rebounds/3 Blocks Full Highlights (10/30/2013)

Warning: If you would prefer not to have your mind blown into the seventh spatial dimension, please discontinue reading this description immediately.

In his first game with the Suns, Miles Plumlee scored more points (18) than he scored in his entire tenure with the Pacers (16).

Holy dumb Christ.

I have no idea if this production is sustainable. My scouting report on Miles consists of a crumpled piece of notebook paper with a penis drawn on it. I drafted this report when I was in fourth grade, and I’m pretty sure that I didn’t even know who Miles was when I wrote it, so it’s not very accurate. You can probably just forget about my scouting report.

He can dunk in traffic. He can make contested hook shots. He can make jumpers. He can make running crazy-angled layups. He can catch alley-oops. He creates his own offense on a regular basis. And he got just 59 minutes of playing time in his rookie year.

What I can say with certainty: Luis Scola for Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee is the worst trade ever made in the NBA. Ever.

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