Nate Wolters 9 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (10/30/2013)

Some people are just blessed with luck. Brandon Knight goes down with a hamstring injury 2 minutes into the season opener, while his backup Luke Ridnour lay writhing on the trainer’s table as his back spasmed uncontrollably. That left only one viable point guard option for the Bucks (no, not Gary Neal. Mini-sized SGs don’t get to become PGs by default).

Nate Wolters.

So, is he any good? Well, he’s a second round rookie, what do you expect? Of course he isn’t. He took twelve shots and made three of them, with only one of them being what you would call a good look. But remember how Steve Nash sucked? This guy is white like Nash, and he’s Minnesotan, which is pretty much the same as being Canadian. We can expect a few MVPs out of this guy, for sure.

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