Tony Wroten Career High 14 Points Full Highlights (10/30/2013)

If you watch this video you will watch history being made.

The last three pointer of Tony Wroten’s career.

Because there’s no way, NO WAY, that he ever makes another one with the garbled mess of arms and hands that he calls a “shooting form”. People were dissing Michael Carter Williams’ outside shooting coming into this season, but that guy looks a million times smoother than T-Wrot.

But young Tony is in luck, because not only is DownToBuck a prolific highlight maker, he is also a internationally renowned shooting coach. For just 3 easy payments of $19.99 I will send Mr. Wroten, or anybody else who is interested, my “Scintillating Secrets of Shooting Success” DVD. How do you know it’s good? I’m white. Have you ever met a white guy who couldn’t shoot?

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