John Henson 14 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2013)

Sometimes it seems like the art of the post move is dying. Bigs in today’s NBA are either jump-shooters or morons who can only dunk it. Few teams set them in isolations with their back to the basket. There’s a reason for this: it’s inefficient to shoot contested hook shots and it’s hard to draw fouls. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a sad state of affairs, though.

But watching John Henson is like a breath of fresh air. He has a nifty array of pivots and hooks that would make anyone jealous. He’s like a mix of Kevin McHale’s footwork and Kareem’s smoothness. Well, not really. More often than not his hooks clang wildly off the rim and half his moves look like travels. But it’s still fun to watch.

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