Kentavious Caldwell-Pope 13 Points Full Highlights (11/1/2013)

I don’t know the names of the Pistons’ commentators, and I don’t especially care. But I am speaking to them now directly: what Kentavious Caldwell-Pope did on Friday night was NOT a “windmill jam”. IT WASN’T EVEN CLOSE. Yeah, it was a jam, they got that part right. But I failed to see the part where Kentavious swung the ball 360 degrees around before slamming it in. I failed to see that part because he didn’t perform such an act. He kind of cocked it back a bit, but that was it.

I don’t even know how they could get this wrong. It’s not like a windmill is a particularly hard dunk to define or identify. It’s not like he did a 540 and it got misrepresented as a 720.

It was just a normal jam. In the sense that a human jumping so high as to deposit a sphere in a hoop 10 feet above the ground is normal.

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