Ben McLemore 19 Points Full Highlights (11/2/2013)

Life isn’t fair sometimes. Ben McLemore grew up in total poverty, going days without food on occasion, surrounded on all sides by drug abuse and crime. Then, just when it seemed like he was going to escape the misfortune that had shadowed him since he was born into this world, the inconceivable happened:

He got drafted by the Sacramento Kings. Where rookies go to watch their potential melt into a green, Velveeta-esque substance known as “failure”.

Yeah, they’re paying him the same as any other team would. He can get his family out of the ‘hood now. But, the Kings, man. The next time they finish above .500 will probably be around Ben’s 60th birthday. They have Travis Outlaw. At least in a tiny shack of a house, enveloped by total despair and torment, Ben didn’t have to deal with Travis Outlaw.

Somebody get this kid out of there.

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