O.J. Mayo 16 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (11/2/2013)

Out of all players in the league named after condiments, O.J. Mayo is certainly the best. Let’s go back into the archives to look at other notable players who share that characteristic:

Walter Worcestershire: Known by the affectionate knicknames “British Bandit”, “Sure as Shire”, and simply “Walt”, this 70’s-era forward was known for his bruising style of play, dogged pursuit of rebounds, and pleasant salty taste that goes well on any meat dish.

Keith Ketchup: A little-known backup center who played for the Rochester Royals, Ketchup was an unheralded yet effective role player. His defensive prowess and distinctive tomato flavor made him a fan favorite both on the court and on hot dogs.

Drew “Italian” Dressing: While not strictly a condiment, Dressing belongs on this list for his contributions off the court. He was the man responsible for bringing basketball, and the concept of a zingy dressing to compliment the indigenous vegetation, to the Marshall Islands in 1983.

Mark Mustard: A hall-of-famer who went to the all-star game seven times in a row (for the Lakers and Sonics), Mustard was a scarily athletic shooting guard whose game changed from “hot and spicy” one day, to “mellow” on the next, and “white-wine-infused” the day after that. In addition to being inducted to the hall of fame in 1998, Mustard provides to this day a great condiment in which to dip pretzels.

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