Kelly Olynyk 15 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2013)

Kelly Olynyk is the coolest-looking dude in the NBA. He looks the part of a rock musician, and I can’t remember the last time that role was effectively filled in the NBA.

It shouldn’t surprise you, then, that Kelly was actually a vital part of the Kamloops art rock scene in the late 00’s. His band, Starcubism, is considered to be perhaps the biggest contributor to the genre known as British Columbian Prog. Kelly’s masterful interweaving of analog synthesizer tones and modern keyboard technology was well-known even in far-flung Edmonton and Seattle, and earned him the nickname “Moog Man”.

Starcubism dropped their magnum opus, Visions of Mars (Cubistic Journey Part I), in 2009, just before Kelly would break the band up to play basketball at Gonzaga. Visions of Mars hearkened back to the forefathers of the genre (Yes, Genesis, Rush) while also creating something totally visionary. Tracks like “Through Nebular Vortices” showcased the band’s technical ability, while “Painting the Space Tribunal” showed off a more contemplative side, replete with lush soundscapes and Native American instrumentation. The album was the top seller at the cult Kamloops record store Before Christ Records, and received praise in the underground art rock press for years after its release.

I emailed Kelly a few questions about his band, and he denied ever having been part of a group called Starcubism. It is unclear why he would be ashamed of his musical past, but it doesn’t matter; all the information about this genre-bending project is out there on the internet anyway. I simply hope that one day he will return to his rightful place behind his ranks of keyboards, and that Starcubism will breathe again.

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