Kevin Martin 30 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2013)

Lost amidst the excitement of another thrilling NFL Sunday, an equally thrilling battle was being fought in the hallowed halls of Madison Square Garden.

K-Mart vs. K-Mart.

Well, it wasn’t that thrilling. I don’t think they were ever matched up against each other. And Kenyon Martin is pretty old and worthless compared to Kevin Martin, who is still a potent scoring despite shooting from his knees. Kenyon wasn’t a great 1st overall pick and went 3 of 23 in a finals elimination game, while Kevin was picked in the second round and has had several seasons over 20 points per game.

And Kevin’s team won. So I guess he wins the un-thrilling matchup prettily handily, and thus gains sole possession of the “K-Mart” nickname. We can call Kenyon “The Canyon” from here on out.

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