Metta World Peace 17 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2013)

Using my powers of clairvoyance, I tapped into Metta World Peace’s mind after his good performance against the Timberwolves to see if I could gain some insight into the inner machinations of this enigmatic man. This is what I heard:

“Teeth. Teethy teeth. One teeth two teeth three teeth. Teeth in my mouth. Mouthy mouth. Teeth. In my mind. Teeth in my mind. Teeth everywhere. Teeth. Mommy? Teeth. No mommy. Teeth time. Time for teeth. Teeth in a row. Teeth row. Row of teeth. That guy in the crowd just said something to me I should go in there and punch his TEETH out. Teeth on the floor. Teeth.”

I had to edit that a bit for coherence. Let me tell you, though, it was a lot better than Andrea Bargnani. That guy just never stops thinking about Primo pasta.

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