Omri Casspi 19 Points/4 Assists Full Highlights (11/4/2013)

Okay, so last time I did highlights of a player from Israel, I made some comments about the Jewish people that could be construed as insensitive. Whoops! I promise not to do that this time. The lines that divide us – race, religion, nationality, a myriad others – could so easily be eliminated through understanding and patience. The ma$$ media commands us to hate, tells us who our enemies are, but the truth is, our only enemy is intolerance. A baby is not born with hate filling its tiny little heart; it is born with curiosity, caring, and most importantly, love. Only through the subversive brainwashing of the media and corrupt religious leaders does a child come to realize that people who are different should be despised.

These rules apply equally to all humans except for Blake Griffin. That flopping POS can just go die for all I care. I just want to punch his face into next month. Dwight Howard too. Give him the ol’ cinderblock slippers and drop him in the Gulf of Mexico.

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